Our rejuvenating treatments are supported with a range of internationally acclaimed beauty products including Luxurious and Organic Surmanti and Professional Derma-Cosmeceutical Nimue Skin technology . With our specialisation in beauty therapy and innovative treatments we help you discover the gorgeous new you!


30 mins


An express facial with the most essential steps: Cleanse, tone, exfoliate, steam and choice of mask




A facial specialised for a man’s skin and its needs: Cleanse, tone, deep exfoliate, steam and clay mask

Surmanti Hydrating, Rejuvenating Facial Ritual

45 mins


A facial for dull and tired skin to get instant glow and hydration: Cleanse, tone, exfoliate, steam, 2 mins oxygen machine and rejuvenating mask

Surmanti Rejuvenation Signature Facial Ritual

60 mins


A luxury facial for an overall relaxation: Cleanse, tone, exfoliate, massage, 2 mins oxygen machine and a rejuvenating mask

Surmanti Deluxe Balancing Facial Ritual

90 mins


A luxury facial for an overall relaxation with Microdermabrasion: Cleanse, tone, exfoliate, massage, microdermabrasion, 2 mins oxygen machine with Surmanti’s Skin intelligence serum and glow mask


Microdermabrasion and oxygen treatment can be added to any of the following treatments for additional $15.

Express Nimue Facial

40 mins                                   


A facial treatment for a busy you, to maintain the health of your skin by feeding it with essential ingredients.

Brightning Boost Treatment 

60 mins


A facial to boost the skin up which is dull, dry and tired due to stress

Acne and Skin Restoration treatment

60 mins


A facial treatment for acne prone skin with strong medicinal ingredients to improve and restore skin’s health

Rejuvenation Treatment

60 mins


An anti-ageing facial treatment for ageing skin to smooth out fine lines and give a bright glow

Hydrating Treatment

60 mins


A facial treatment for stressed, dull and dry skin due to the environment by feeding the skin with healthy ingredients and balance its Ph levels


60 mins


A facial treatment for hyperpigmentation caused due to various reason by treating the areas and fade out the pigmentation gradually)

It is recommended to undergo a course of 6 Nimue facial treatments to achieve desirable results.

Add On:

Eyebrow shape


Eyebrow shape and tint


Eyelash tint


Upper lip or chin


Full face wax or thread