Are you showing signs of ageing too soon?

Aging is normal and unavoidable. But, preventing premature aging is in your hands.

If you want to know the causes, stages and set goals to improve gradually, this is the blog you might want to read. Invest in your skin, but do it smartly. It is going to represent you for a very long time

Firstly, let’s clarify the unhealthy premature signs of aging.

Dry Skin


This is the most common early signs of aging. After you turn 25, your skin stimulates cell production and can often become difficult to control and provide essential ingredients in any season. That’s when you get into intensive skin care. Buying more makeup products wouldn’t make sense when your goal should be making your skin stable and hydrated. Dryness leads to the next stage of aging. Find a suitable moisturiser according to your skin type and don’t forget your sunscreen.

Crow’s Feet

crows feet.jpg

Crow’s feet is a condition that anyone goes through. These tiny wrinkles at the outer corners of the eyes resulting from constant squinting and smiling, which is unavoidable but when your skin is sun damaged it’s a problem. Remember that 90% of aging is caused by photo damage. Avoid the sun, use sunscreen.

Sagging skin


Sagging skin, this will be the most defining sign of aging. This is the stage where the collagen production has stopped and has lost the elasticity. Dryness and sun damage can get down deeper into your DNA which is responsible for the cell production and hence causes overall skin sagging. Anti-aging skin creams that work on the DNA and help boost collagen are helpful alongside rejuvenation treatments. 

Age spots and discoloration

dark spots.jpg

Due to excessive sun damage, the melanocytes responsible for the pigments in the cells is affected and hence, causes to produce uneven skin tone leading to brown/age spots and hyper pigmentation. At this stage, a course of 12 Fader treatment will help fade the hyper pigmented areas and give out a healthier looking skin. 

Turkey Neck

trkey neck.jpg

Turkey necks are one of the most common signs of aging. The neck is an area with the thinnest skin gets affected way before the skin on the face. All your daily skin creams should be applied to your neck as well, they need much more than just creams. Taking care of the neck is becoming important as it’s a major personality maker. You want a healthy and beautiful neck for your little neck pieces! 

Dark Circles


Another form, the earliest visible signs of aging are dark circles. These can be seen around your eyes. The delicate skin around your eyes is extremely thin and becomes even thinner with age. Also, loss of fat and collagen due to aging makes the skin more translucent, making the blood vessels under the eyes more visible. There are several reasons like stress, lack of sleep, vision stress and more! Using eye creams after the age of 25 is recommended. Eye creams help boost collagen, sooth and prevent darkness. 

Enlarged Pores

large pores.jpg

Due to extreme sun exposure, stressed skin produces more oil than usual leading to oils depositing in the pores of the skin making them appear large and hence skin starts thickening. Using vitamin C creams in your daily skin care will help to minimize large pores and gradually brightens your skin tone. 



Hooded eyelids

hooded eyelids.jpg

This is not a very early sign of aging but neglecting your skin can cause the skin on the eyelids to start sagging way early. Droopy eyelids occur when the edge of the upper eyelid falls to a lower position than normal. Sometimes, droopy eyelids can cover the pupil and even interfere with your vision. Eye creams and good quality sunglasses will reduce the chances of occurrence. 

Puffy eyes

puffy eyes.jpg

Some days are bad work days, leading to lack of sleep, stress. Relationship problems that lead to excessive crying, hangovers can cause temporary puffiness but if you notice puffy eyes every day, it is a clear sign of early aging. Using grated cucumber over a cotton pad and placing it on your eyes for 20 mins everyday will gradually reduce and applying eye creams with cooling extracts, help immensely. 



Wrinkles are the most visible early signs of aging. As collagen and elastin damaged due to various reasons like too much sun exposure, harsh environment, smoking, genetic predisposition and sudden weight loss, the skin is not able to maintain its smooth and youthful appearance. Massaging your face with vitamin C and E enriched oils or creams will help maintain. Booking yourself an anti-aging rejuvenation treatment course and investing in the products in the products advised by your therapist will be a perfect long-time investment with lots of benefits. 

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