10 Things you should know before you go for a Massage Therapy

Massages are good to add to your lifestyle. If you are physically training with weights and muscle toning, massages are great for your overall body relaxing. As a massage therapist, I encourage everyone to get a body massage. Usually recommend once in three months to release all the body toxins and relax the tissues that often tighten.

While we all know massages are great, we forget the most important things that we should consider before and after massages. Let’s take a note!

• Be on time
Massage therapists often massage at least 8-10 people on an average per day. They always take appointments with spaces in between each to relax and restore energy. Making it late to your appointments, you cut down on your treatment time leaving the therapist no choice but finish as soon as possible to get ready for the next appointment. Now, by being way too early (A) you are wasting your time sitting and waiting for the therapist to finish and (B) after they are done with the previous appointment, they don’t get the time to relax and restore themselves. As a result, both ways they end up giving you a terrible massage. Try and make an appointment which is best for you, so the therapists can make it work around it to give you the best massage treatment.

• Consultation is important
Massage treatments are not a rushing in and out session. Take time and talk to the therapist about what exactly your concerns are. Talk about the areas that need improvement. Let the therapist know the duration of the pain that you’ve been suffering. And if you are in for just a pamper session or routine massage let them know that too. If your therapist is not asking you these questions and if you didn’t find it comfortable to check with these things beforehand then you’re probably in a wrong place.

• Deep or gentle, it’s your choice
Massages are not supposed to hurt or leave you in pain, they are usually to treat the painful spots. So, if it gets too painful to handle, let the therapist know about that loud and clear. There is absolutely nothing wrong with telling the therapist what needs to be done, as at the end of the day it is your body. If you do not get comfortable talking to your therapist and be open about your requirements, massage is a bad idea. Almost 60% times you end up with wrong treatment style and make yourself worse. It is also your therapist’s duty to make sure you feel comfortable before you get on the treatment bed

• Pre-shower is a must
At a few massage places, they often forget or don’t tell you about the pre-warm shower ritual (A) because you are a walk-in customer and wants to get your massage done right away or (B) thinking it’s a choice, whereas it is definitely not a choice. People spend $100 and more on a massage treatment and don’t get full results, one of the reasons are because they haven’t had a pre-warm shower. Massage is not a maintenance it is a body treatment and so cleanse dry and then massage to gives you a 100% result.

• Workout, but before the massage
Massages release your muscle tension, releases your stress and body aches. Worked-out and exercised muscles will be tired and benefit the most from a massage. And by working out immediately after a massage you’re likely to stress and strain the muscles that were just relaxed. Also, you’ll run the risk of being too tired and injure yourself. So, wait until the next day to get back to your gym with a fully energised body and mind. 

• Silence is the key
Mind and body put together to create peace and calm. A lot of people can’t control their excitement when it comes to talking to a new person, but your massage appointment is not the time to socialise. It’s the time to feel the therapist working on your tissues and muscles. By talking (A) you distract your therapist and their conscious is now answering your questions rather than working on your tight muscles and (B) you don’t know what happened to your body during the massage and you miss out on relaxing your body and mind, hence $100s in the drain. 

• Hydration after restoration
During massages body relaxes by releasing the toxins and uses a lot of body water making you dehydrated by the end of treatment. Hence, drinking a lot of water after your massage is a must. Drink a glass of water before you leave the massage centre.

• Avoid eating before the massage
Having a big meal before you have a massage stimulates digestion. It may leave you feeling bloated and uncomfortable. Try having a light meal, two hours prior to your massage appointment, giving it time to digest well. Also, being uncomfortably full will ruin your massage experience. 

Coffee addicts, its tea time
Have your coffee an hour or two prior to your massage but having coffee after your massage can quite tighten your muscles again leaving you back to the same condition as before your massage. After your massage ignore your caffeine needs and have lemon, ginger or herbal teas instead. Your body and mind will thank you.

• Ask for choices in massage oils
Most massage places have a lot of choices in their collection of oils. Always ask your therapist to let you try the aroma of each one. There are blended and non-blended oils. If you couldn’t find what you’re looking for in the blended ones, ask for the non-blend options and choose infusion that relaxes you the most. Some oils that the therapist use can be too strong and end up giving you a headache instead of curing.  

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