Why should you get your Skin Rejuvenated

Ask yourself these simple questions: 

Does your skin feel dry, tired and congested?
Do you often feel the need to apply a lot of skin creams?
Do you find difficulty finding the right skincare?
Do you often breakout or can’t figure out the reasons behind those unhealthy breakouts during a good skin routine?
Do you feel your skin needs a boost of hydration?
Are you showing signs of ageing way too early?

If your answer is yes to any of the questions above, get yourself a skin coach to perform you a rejuvenation.


We usually take care of our weight and health by working out, eating the right food, don’t we? Skin is the largest organ of the body, and rejuvenation is one of the many ways to take care of our skin’s health. We should not wait till our skin shows dryness, congestion or fatigue to perform the rejuvenation. Making rejuvenation a part of our lifestyle is the best way to avoid the unhealthy breakouts, signs of ageing and dullness.  


A lot of us struggle to be consistent with a product or treatment, the reasons for it are many. We often get attracted to new products in the market that are heavily advertised. Some of our friends using a new product and sharing the good results with us leads to discontinuation of the products that we’ve been using. Well, we need to rethink before making those big changes in products and treatments. The skin conditions vary from person to person. Two people can have dry skin but their level of damage due to dryness can vary. So, keeping the consistency of the skin routine and products suggested by our skin therapist helps track the results and prevent confusion. And if one hasn’t checked in with a skin therapist and is browsing skin care, it can be quite confusing. Book an appointment with us and learn about your skin. Get on track with products that have the ingredients your skin needs.


Rejuvenation is all about being patient and consistent. Rejuvenating treatments don’t show results at one go. It takes about 6-7 months with regular facials treatment and skin care to give out massive results. 20% improvement by Skincare, 30% improvement by the treatments and the other 50% with your eating habits, this will make you a 100%!